It’s become common for couples or people in some sort of romantic relationship to live apart as a result of work or other things, which requires knowledge of long distance date ideas in order to keep the spark alive.

What are some of the things that can be done in order to ensure you still have that spark as you live apart from each other?

In this article, we have put together 15 long distance date ideas that you can try.


Maintaining a long-distance relationship is more common than ever in the connected world of today.

Even though being physically apart can be difficult, contemporary technology has given us endless options to maintain the flame and strengthen our bonds.

This post will discuss some fun and inventive long distance date ideas that will make the distance seem less intimidating and strengthen your relationship.

These suggestions will enable you to make the most of your time with your spouse, regardless of whether you are in a new long-distance relationship or are only temporarily apart.

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15 Long Distance Date Ideas

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

Let’s get into the details of how you can keep your relationship alive and keep the spark across the miles.

1. Virtual Movie Night

This is surely one of the foremost long distance date ideas that you can implement to keep the spark in your relationship.

This has become easy with the advent of technology, so the question of how to do this may not be asked.

Even though you are separated geographically, why not have a movie night together?

Use real-time movie and chat synchronization services like Netflix Party or Teleparty.

Gather some popcorn, take your places, and take pleasure in the common activity of watching a movie.

2. Cook and Dine Together

Set up a virtual dinner date where you both prepare the same dish.

Set up a video call so you can talk, joke, and exchange cooking advice as you make your meals.

Set your individual tables once the supper is complete and enjoy your mouthwatering masterpieces “together.”

3. Play Online Games and Trivia

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

Play amusing online games against one another or take part in virtual trivia nights as a team.

You can play multiplayer games on many gaming platforms, which will keep you occupied for hours.

Friendly competition can liven up your relationship and make you giggle.

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4. Explore New Places Together

This is one of the long distance date ideas made possible by technology.

Visit international landmarks, art galleries, and museums virtually.

Numerous virtual tours are available on websites like Google Arts & Culture, allowing you to explore and learn alongside one another while admiring the beauty of various cultures.

5. Engage In Online Workouts

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

While you stay apart from each other, healthy living must be encouraged; hence, the need to engage in online workouts, which go a long way to keeping you glued to each other while you keep fit.

Together, keep active and healthy by taking online fitness classes.

Sweating it out “together” during yoga, dance, or high-intensity interval training can foster a sense of camaraderie and inspire one another to achieve your fitness goals.

This is one of the long distance date ideas that helps.

While you work out together, it gives you the opportunity to have a look at and admire your shapes and curves; this should provide some spark in the relationship.

6. Write Letters or Emails

You may be doing this already, but how you do it matters a lot.

Rediscover the allure of thoughtful emails or handwritten letters in this day of instant messaging.

Express your emotions, talk about your day-to-day activities, and think more deeply and intimately about your relationship.

7. Book Club for Two

Really? Well, you know by now that everything is possible in today’s world, hence, a book club for two is just possible across the miles.

Set a deadline to read the book together after selecting one that appeals to both of you.

Plan frequent catch-ups to talk about the story, characters, and themes.

This collaborative reading experience will spark interesting discussions and provide a better understanding of one another’s viewpoints.

Which of these long distance date ideas have worked for you? Which ones do you intend to incorporate into your long-distance relationship?

If you have found none yet, relax, as we are going to read more.

8. Plan Future Visits

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

Having future plans to meet might inspire hope and excitement despite your distance.

Discuss and make plans for your upcoming trip, whether it be a long trip or a weekend escape.

Your relationship will get stronger as you look forward to seeing each other.

9. Online Classes and Workshops

Enroll in online workshops or classes that are relevant to your interests.

Anything from cooking to painting to picking up a new language could qualify.

Your bond will become stronger if you both share the experience of learning new abilities.

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10. Watch the Sunset Together

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

Plan a time when you can both see the sunset at the same time.

It’s a straightforward but lovely approach to feeling a part of the people and environment around you.

11. Stargazing Date

Use a stargazing app to view the stars together on a clear night.

Knowing that you are both gazing at the same sky allows you to learn about constellations, tell stories, and be in awe of the size of the cosmos.

Some of these long distance date ideas are indeed very exciting.

When done very well, you should enjoy them and not feel the absence of that very important person in your life.

12. Create a Digital Scrapbook

Create a digital scrapbook with your most treasured memories.

Use images, movies, and letters to compile a lovely history of your time spent together.

This helps you remember the past and improves your emotional connection.

13. Virtual Music Concert

If you can plan online movie nights, and cook together, why not a virtual music concert?

This is definitely one of the long distance date ideas to try.

This is, obviously, made possible by technology.

Consider going to a joint internet concert if you both enjoy music.

You can watch live performances by many musicians from the comfort of your home by tuning in to the internet.

14. Plan Surprise Deliveries

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

Send each other care packages or unexpected gifts.

A great deal of happiness and warmth will be added to your relationship when you know that your partner is considering you and making an effort to surprise you.

It is possible that some partners or couples will get too busy to engage themselves in these long distance date ideas as suggested, but if you want that spark in your relationship, these should definitely be given some consideration.

15. Virtual Date Nights

Set aside certain days to serve as “virtual date nights.”

Have a video call date where you may converse, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company as if you were together in person.

Dress up, set the mood, and have fun.

These are our suggested long distance date ideas that you can try.


It’s crucial to develop original strategies for preserving your love and connection in a long-distance relationship.

These fascinating long-distance date suggestions give you the chance to connect even when you’re thousands of miles apart by sharing feelings, and experiences and creating lasting memories.

Make use of technology’s potential to close the distance between you and your partner.

Your long-distance relationship can prosper and become stronger than ever with commitment, open communication, and a splash of imagination.

FAQs on Long Distance Date Ideas

Long Distance Date Ideas
Long Distance Date Ideas

It is likely that after reading this article, you may have a few questions to ask, which you can do in the comments, but here, we have asked a few questions you may have, and have duly answered them for you.

1. How can I make a virtual date more special?

Put some time into creating the right atmosphere to make a virtual date more memorable.

Plan enjoyable activities, put on your best outfit, and surprise your sweetheart with kind deeds like a sincere letter or a virtual present.

2. What are some fun online games for long-distance couples?

Couples can have a lot of fun playing games together online, including “Among Us,” “Words with Friends,” “Jackbox Party Pack,” and “Minecraft.”

3. How often should we schedule long-distance date nights?

The number of long-distance date nights you have will depend on your schedule and availability.

Aim for at least one virtual date night every week, but customize it to suit your needs and each other’s preferences.

4. What if we have a significant time zone difference?

Accept the time zone difference as a chance to learn more about one another’s daily routines.

Be flexible, set out certain times to connect, and respect each other’s schedules.

5. How can I maintain trust in a long-distance relationship?

Maintaining trust in a long-distance relationship requires open and honest communication.

Share your thoughts, experiences, and any worries you may have with each other.

Try these long distance date ideas for an awesome relationship experience across the miles.

If you found value in this article, consider sharing it with your family and friends.


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