How to Stop Armpit Sweat: Practical Tips To Help Stop It

How to stop armpit sweat: Do you struggle with unpleasant sweat stains beneath your arms all the time?

Axillary hyperhidrosis, often known as excessive armpit sweating, can be a debilitating condition that lowers your quality of life and self-esteem.


Fortunately, there are several methods you can do to control and lessen armpit perspiration.

This article will look at the reasons why people experience excessive armpit sweating, how to stop it, natural cures, lifestyle modifications, and when it might be necessary to contact a doctor.

Sweating from the armpits is a normal biological process that aids in controlling body temperature.


However, some people have overactive sweat glands in their underarms, which causes them to perspire excessively even in non-strain-related circumstances.

This illness may damage your personal and professional life and be uncomfortable and embarrassing.

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How To Stop Armpit Sweat: Understanding Armpit Sweat

Sweat is produced by sweat glands, notably eccrine and apocrine glands.


Most of the body’s eccrine glands release sweat that is mostly made of water and electrolytes.

Apocrine glands, which are located in the groin and armpit regions, generate heavier perspiration that contains proteins and lipids that, when broken down by bacteria, can produce odor.


How to Stop Armpit Sweat

Overactive sweating in the armpits might have a variety of underlying causes.

The overactivity of the nerves in charge of signaling sweat production results in primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

Multiple variables, such as hormonal changes, menopause, specific drugs, medical diseases like hyperthyroidism, and obesity, can lead to secondary hyperhidrosis.


Your daily life may be greatly impacted by excessive armpit sweating.

It may result in avoidant behavior, low self-esteem, and social anxiety.

Your choice of clothing and social interactions may be impacted by a persistent worry about obvious sweat stains or irritating body odor.

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How To Stop Armpit Sweat: Tips for Managing Armpit Sweat

Here are some suggested tips on how to stop armpit sweat or at least manage it if it does not stop:

1. Use Antiperspirants

The first line of defense against armpit perspiration is antiperspirants.

For products that assist seal sweat ducts and lessen perspiration, look for goods that contain aluminum chloride.

Before going to bed, apply antiperspirant to your dry, clean underarms and reapply as necessary during the day.

2. Wear Breathable Fabrics

Choose breathable, natural textiles that allow air to circulate and absorb moisture, such as cotton and linen.

Avoid wearing synthetic clothes since they retain heat and make you sweat more.

3. Maintain Good Hygiene

To lessen microorganisms that cause odor, wash your underarms using antibacterial soap on a regular basis.

To stop bacterial growth, keep your armpits dry and clean.

4. Use Sweat Pads or Shields

To absorb extra sweat and prevent stains on your clothing, think about utilizing underarm sweat shields or pads.

These covert pads can boost confidence and avert uncomfortable circumstances.

5. Try Clinical Strength Antiperspirants

Consider over-the-counter clinical strength choices if routine antiperspirants are ineffective.

These items provide improved sweat protection and have a higher concentration of active substances.

How to Stop Armpit Sweat

6. Consider Prescription Medications

If the problem is severe, your doctor might recommend drugs to control excessive perspiration.

Anticholinergic medications that disrupt the nerve signals responsible for sweat production may be among them.

7. Explore Botox Injections

Axillary hyperhidrosis can be successfully treated with Botox injections.

The toxins reduce sweat production by momentarily blocking nerve signals. Results sometimes linger for months.

8. Undergo Iontophoresis Treatment

Through the application of a moderate electric current to water-soaked armpits, sweat glands are momentarily blocked.

This non-invasive procedure is carried out under the direction of a doctor.

Apart from these tips on how to stop armpit sweat, there are also natural remedies that you can explore, if those suggested prove not to be too effective.

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Natural Remedies for Reducing Armpit Sweat

Although they might not offer complete relief, some people find that natural therapies are effective at lessening armpit sweat. Here are some possibilities for you to consider:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Applying diluted apple cider vinegar to your underarms helps lessen odor and excessive sweating by balancing the pH level of your skin and reducing bacterial development.

2. Using Sage

Natural astringents like sage can aid in lowering sweat gland activity.

To stop sweating under your arms, try sage tea or sage essential oil.

3. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains antibacterial qualities that can manage skin-surface germs and lessen body odor.

Additionally, it might have a light astringent effect that could perhaps lessen sweating.

4. Witch Hazel

Natural astringent witch hazel has the ability to temporarily tighten skin and lessen sweat gland activity.

Utilizing a cotton pad, apply witch hazel extract to your armpits.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains antimicrobial qualities that can help get rid of microorganisms that cause odors.

A small layer applied to your underarms may help to reduce excessive perspiration.

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Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Armpit Sweating

How to Stop Armpit Sweat

Effective management of armpit perspiration can be achieved by making certain lifestyle adjustments.

Think about the following:

1. Manage Stress Levels

Deep breathing, meditation, and regular exercise are all effective stress-reduction strategies that can reduce excessive sweating.

2. Avoid Spicy Foods and Caffeine

Caffeinated beverages and spicy foods can activate the sweat glands, increasing perspiration.

Limiting their intake might lessen underarm perspiration.

3. Stay Hydrated

Getting adequate water can help you regulate your body’s temperature and stop over-sweating.

Aim to consume eight glasses of water or more each day.

4. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Sweating more may be a result of being overweight.

Armpit sweat can be controlled by living a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent exercise and a portion of nutritious food.

5. Stop Smoking

Quitting smoking can help reduce armpit perspiration and improve general health because smoking can make sweating worse.

How To Stop Armpit Sweat: When to Seek Medical Help

It is advised to speak with a healthcare provider if excessive armpit perspiration adversely affects your quality of life or if over-the-counter and home therapies are ineffective.

They can evaluate your health and make recommendations for the best course of treatment, including prescription drugs or surgical procedures.


Although excessive armpit perspiration can be a difficult condition to manage, there are practical methods for minimizing and managing it.

You can regain control over your armpit sweat and increase your self-confidence by adhering to the advice provided in this article, such as utilizing antiperspirants, donning breathable clothing, practicing excellent hygiene, and taking into account natural cures and lifestyle modifications.

FAQs On How To Stop Armpit Sweat


1. Can excessive armpit sweat be a sign of an underlying medical condition?

One or more underlying medical conditions, such as hyperthyroidism or an endocrine problem, might occasionally be indicated by excessive armpit perspiration.

If you’re worried about your sweating, it’s best to speak with a healthcare provider for an accurate assessment.

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2. Are there any surgical options to treat excessive armpit sweating?

Yes, in extreme circumstances, nerve operations such as sympathectomy or sweat gland removal may be considered.

These choices are often only available to patients who haven’t responded to other therapies.

3. Can diet affect armpit sweat?

Even though diet may not directly cause or prevent armpit perspiration, several foods and drinks can do so or make the disease worse.

Caffeinated beverages and spicy foods are known to activate sweat glands.

4. Can excessive armpit sweating be hereditary?

Yes, there may be a hereditary element to excessive armpit perspiration.

You can be more prone to acquire the illness if one or both of your parents had excessive perspiration.

5. How long do the effects of Botox injections for armpit sweating last?

For roughly 6 to 12 months after the injection, excessive sweating is usually relieved.

People may experience different results.

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