Signs of a Mental Breakdown And What To Do

When you feel worn out from life’s stress physically, mentally, and emotionally, you are most likely going through what is known as a mental breakdown; so what are some of the signs of a mental breakdown that you may now have been aware of?

A nervous or mental breakdown might last anywhere between a few hours and a few weeks.


If your breakdown has persisted for some time, it won’t be a bad idea to see a psychologist on how they can be of help in providing some comfort for you.

What if you do not have access to a psychologist when your mental breakdown lingers more than expected, what do you do?

Here is where we come in as we will provide you with some helpful tips on what to do when you go through a mental breakdown.


So what are some of the signs of a mental breakdown that you may be ignoring?

In this article, we shall discuss some of the signs of mental breakdown and what to do when you find yourself in such problems.

Some Signs Of a Mental Breakdown

The signs of a mental breakdown vary from person to person and even from culture to culture because it is not a precise clinical diagnosis.

Depending on who you are and your background, you may not experience some of these signs and symptoms of a nervous breakdown.


One of the signs of a mental breakdown is Changes in appetite

Sometimes, you just feel like you do not want to eat anything; at other times, you just feel like eating everything there is to eat.

When you go through a face like this where your appetite fluctuates, you may be going through a mental breakdown.

It’s possible that you won’t feel as driven to prepare nutritious meals if you’re having a breakdown.

You may be sick and some of these diseases take away your appetite, but when you are not sick but do not feel like you want to eat anything, this is surely one of the signs of a mental breakdown.

Physical discomfort

Signs of a Mental Breakdown

Physical discomfort is a sure sign of a mental breakdown in that you feel some form of irritation, soreness, or pain that, though not severe, is annoying, and you just are not able to figure out how to do away with such comfort.

Headaches or stomachaches may sometimes set in to compound your woes.

When you are mentally drained, you are not able to think about anything and this gives you the discomfort that you do not need.

You may have problems concentrating on anything and cannot solve any problems in that state.

In this instance, any decision made might lead you into further trouble because you are not in the right frame of mind to make the right decisions that would help.

When you feel uncomfortable and unable to concentrate, this is one of the sure signs of a mental breakdown for which you need help to overcome it.

Anxiety or depression is one of the signs of a mental breakdown

mental breakdown

Your body’s natural reaction to stress is anxiety.

It is a sensation of dread or trepidation about what is ahead.

A prolonged sense of sadness and loss of interest constitute depression, this affects how you feel, think, and behave and can cause several emotional and physical issues.

When you are going through a mental breakdown, anxiety and depression set in, making them signs of a mental breakdown.

To feel excessive anxiety and depression because you do not know what is to happen in certain situations means that you are going through a nervous breakdown or a mental breakdown.

Getting too little or too much sleep

This is also one of the signs of a mental breakdown; with this one, what you feel makes you either sleep more than you should do get less sleep than you should have because there is so much on your mind that will not allow you to sleep.

You can experience insomnia as a result of your hyperactive brain.

Just like the fluctuations in your appetite, when there are changes in your sleep pattern as well, it is a sign that you have a mental breakdown.

You will often spend a lot of time trying to figure out things but try as you do, no solution comes to mind.

Fatigue is another sign of a mental breakdown

signs of a mental breakdown

A generalized sense of exhaustion or lack of energy is referred to as fatigue.

It differs from merely feeling sleepy or drowsy.

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This extreme feeling of tiredness that makes you unable to do the very basic things that you hitherto could do with ease, is one of the signs of a mental breakdown that you should be aware of.

Fatigue may be acute or chronic and when it happens this way, it is not something that you should sleep on, seeing a psychologist will be a smart idea if you can.

So what can you do in the face of all these signs of a mental breakdown?

A lot of help could be found if you seek it.

When you find yourself to have been going through any of these signs you could help yourself out in quite many ways.

If you can not go to a psychologist, here are three things you could do yourself:

  1. Put self-care first and use constructive coping skills like exercise or engaging in a favourite activity of yours like swimming, reading, taking a long walk, listening to music and more.
  2. Getting enough rest, maintaining good eating practices, and sleeping more if you don’t do it already, and if it is the issue of sleeping more than you should, you need to cut down on it and engage in your favourite activities more.
  3. Having sufficient time with friends and family might also be beneficial in overcoming mental breakdowns.

If you do these and still constantly experience one or all of these signs of a mental breakdown, you may want to consider seeing a professional psychologist for help.

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