Health insurance is a necessity. Nobody knows when you will get sick and not have what it takes to take care of yourself. It is particularly important to try to get a health insurance package as a student. So, what are some of the best health insurance for college students?

To protect yourself and your family from hefty expenditures in the event that you require medical care, having health insurance is crucial.

You can normally continue to be covered by your parent’s health insurance plan if you’re a dependent under the age of 26.

Additionally, a lot of schools and universities provide student plans.

However, if those plans don’t satisfy your requirements, you should pick a Health Insurance Marketplace plan that is both reasonably priced and provides good insurance.

Remember that your premium will be reduced by the premium tax credit if you are eligible.

The finest health insurance companies for college students were selected after comparing third-party ratings and benefits provided by various providers to help you narrow down your selections.

Best Health Insurance for College Students

Best Health Insurance Companies
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In this article, you are going to learn about health insurance for college students which should help you choose the best options for your health insurance needs.

Check out these four options:

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1. Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides catastrophic policies with affordable premiums in some areas, while they are not accessible in all states.

The least expensive form of insurance is a Blue Cross catastrophic plan in select states, including Maryland and California.

College students who rarely need medical attention and only need insurance in an emergency should choose catastrophic plans.

Plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield are likewise generally highly rated, with an average NCQA rating of 3.7 stars and a rating of 3 stars (or higher in some areas).

Additionally, AM Best rates the company’s financial strength as A- (Excellent), indicating that it has an excellent capacity to pay claims.

You cannot go past Blue Cross Blue Shield if you want the best health insurance for college students.

Benefits and plan types vary by location because BCBS is a group of firms. Region-specific J.D. Power rankings also differ.

For instance, the business is ranked first as a provider in numerous Midwestern states, yet worst in California.

You can also have access to certain perks based on where you live.

But a 24-hour nurse line will be available to the majority of members.

The Blue365 discount program offers wellness savings to a large number of BCBS members.

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Best Health Insurance for College Students: 1. Oscar Health

With the use of a handy mobile app, Oscar enables you to manage your health insurance.

You can use it to schedule free virtual treatment, monitor your deductible, review claims, get test results and prescriptions, and more.

You can even earn up to $75 in Amazon gift cards a year for walking thanks to the app’s integration with Apple Health and Google Health.

Although prices vary by state, Oscar typically has moderate rates for bronze and silver policies and also offers catastrophic plans in some areas.

For instance, Oscar provides Florida’s most affordable bronze plans.

If you want some of the best health insurance for college students, it would not be bad to hop on Oscar Health.

A dedicated care team and virtual care that costs nothing with most plans are among the additional niceties offered to members.

Furthermore, the business provides every medical management program accessible in the majority of states, making it a superb choice for increased coverage if you have a particular health condition.

3. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente consistently earns top marks from outside sources, demonstrating that it provides its members with top-notch service. gives its plans a rating of five stars, and the NCQA gives its plans an average rating of 4.3 stars for member satisfaction.

Additionally, J.D. Power has named Kaiser as the highest-rated business for customer satisfaction in each state where the company provides insurance products.

No other insurance company enjoys the same level of respect.

Additionally, the business provides a range of medical management solutions that boost coverage for particular ailments.

The cost of Kaiser Permanente varies by state. Kaiser, however, offers affordable catastrophic health insurance policies in a number of states.

Blue Cross Blue Shield might provide a more affordable catastrophic plan, but Kaiser has unmatched customer satisfaction ratings.

We strongly advise going with Kaiser if its plans are offered in your state at a reasonable cost.

However, not everyone will have the option because the company only provides coverage in eight states and the District of Columbia.

Nonetheless, it is one of the best health insurance for college students to subscribe to.

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4. Aetna

You have access to MinuteClinic locations countrywide in specific CVS and Target stores with Aetna’s plans.

With access to evening and weekend hours and a range of services, you may drop by or schedule an appointment online.

If it’s medically necessary, you can even have your prescription filled there. Most plans will include complimentary visits.

Additionally, you can arrange for free virtual care at any moment.

All of these advantages add up to cost savings on urgent care and emergency care.

With a 3.4-star average rating from the NCQA and an A (Excellent) financial strength grade from AM Best, Aetna is also widely regarded favorably.

Aetna’s policies are generally affordable, especially for bronze and silver plans, even though pricing varies by state.

For instance, the firm offers some of the least expensive bronze plans in Texas. In the J.D. Power 2022 U.S.

Commercial Member Health Plan Study, Aetna’s customer satisfaction rating differs by area.

The above companies provide some of the best health insurance for college students.


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